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Ready for more Strength, Confidence, and Energy?

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Learn how Straight Shot can help you live your best life with a 
free consultation and studio tour!

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We're a team of passionate coaches who want to make your workouts the best part of your day!

And even if working out isn't your favorite thing to do, we want to help you improve your fitness in the gym so you can enjoy all of the things you love to do outside of it.

We have options for one-on-one personal training, small group training, and remote coaching through our app. 

Want to see if Straight Shot Training is a good fit for you? Want a tour of our studio? Just fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation with our Head Coach Jonny and he'll be right in touch. 

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See why people are training with Straight Shot!

This gym is incredible, I’m not the type of person who enjoys large gyms with a ton of people, I really appreciate the private nature of this gym and the trainers are so incredible. The workouts are hard! But in a great way, they challenge you but don’t make you feel defeated or like a failure. The coaches have the best temperament, they motivate you but challenge you as well which is what helps make us successful. I am beyond grateful for this gym and look forward to every workout I have!

- Deana

Here’s what I love about this place. You can get PERSONALIZED workouts with professional instructors. You have the opportunity to ask for help without chasing someone down. They do the thinking for you, providing workouts to help you meet your goals. They are there to make sure you don’t injure yourself. I love that I can immediately ask for help/corrections if something doesn’t feel right. The best thing is that it is structured and the gym capacity is controlled.

- Kelly

Straight Shot Training focuses on functional fitness and they really have a solid understanding on how to improve the way you move. I started their program in my mid-thirties when I had chronic back pain that comes from the lack of movement working in an office for decades. I'm now in my forties and I have no pain at all thanks to their program. Their approach to fitness is methodical, efficient, and flexible with any condition you may have.

- Sam

Straight Shot Training

8411 Broadband Drive

Suite E, Frederick MD

Tel: 240.877.0300

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