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Free Workout May 6th!

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Join us Saturday 5/6 for a FREE group workout at 11am!

This event is for people of all fitness levels ages 14 and up. 

Sign up here:

Awesome! Check your email for the waiver we'll need you to complete.

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See why people are training with Straight Shot!

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This gym is incredible, I’m not the type of person who enjoys large gyms with a ton of people, I really appreciate the private nature of this gym and the trainers are so incredible. The workouts are hard! But in a great way, they challenge you but don’t make you feel defeated or like a failure. Coach Jonny and Coach John have the best temperament, they motivate you but challenge you as well which is what helps make us successful. I am beyond grateful for this gym and look forward to every workout I have!

I highly recommend for beginners (myself) and the more experienced!

- Deana

Jonny Slick has kept me safe and strong for three years.  When I turned 50, I started to struggle keeping up with the kids.  I connected with Jonny, and now I can keep up with most except the high school athletes.   I'm not a gym guy, and have never enjoyed working out.  Jonny keeps me motivated and coming back twice a week with a  program of strength, flexibility, and balance.   My active physical life is far better for the time and money I spend with Straight Shot Training.

- Greg

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Straight Shot is all the things I never knew a gym could be: friendly, accessible, relatable, non-judging, encouraging, knowledgable, clean and safe. It is literally all the best things about working out and community, with absolutely zero of the toxic bro culture at big box gyms. It’s the highlight of my week when I come train with Delaney. Every trainer and every member is friendly, welcoming, and encouraging. All ages, sizes and abilities are welcome with no judgment and equal enthusiasm. Every workout is exactly challenging enough for me to feel strong, empowered and progressing, without ever feeling like I’m being asked to do something I truly cannot. Delaney is so in tune to my current abilities and my goals, and I have every faith she’s getting me exactly where I need to go. Lastly, let me just underline the “clean” I mentioned above. This gym is absolutely spotless, neat as a pin and always ready. Sign up for a session, you’ll be hooked for life.

- Dani


*By trying a free session you agree to fill out our health waiver prior to your session, completing it with full honesty and will be added to our email club (we never share your email address with anyone and we don't spam you!). You also agree to all of the terms laid out in our health release and privacy policy located HERE

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