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Intense Workout

Workout Programming + Remote Coaching

We’ll discuss your exercise history, current goals, and access to equipment, then your coach will design you a custom program in our app, complete with demo videos and detailed instructions for you to do on your own whenever you’d like. You can log your workouts, message your coach, and keep a training journal all within the app! Your coach will connect with you throughout the week to provide support, accountability, and to ensure you're getting the most out of your program.

4 Weeks of Online Workout Programming + Coaching: $176

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In-Facility Coaching

Available at SL Studio in Frederick, MD or our sister company, Kinetix Physiotherapy and Performance in Mt. Holly, NC. Sessions are held in their new gym outfitted with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, suspension trainers, cardio machines, sleds, and a turf lane for an awesome, personalized workout experience. 

1-on-1 Sessions:

1 - 60min session: $77​

6 - 60min sessions: $432

12 - 60min sessions: $816

We also offer Semi-Private Training at both locations. These group sessions will have just 3-4 people so the coach can make sure each person is getting the attention and focus they need to stay safe and get a great workout. The day’s 50-minute workout will be tailored to each person’s fitness level, injury history, and even personal preference, and will be logged on our app.

1 Session a week for 4 weeks: $200

2 Sessions a week for 4 weeks: $360

3 Sessions a week for 4 weeks: $480

Online Workout

Virtual Sessions

Set up your phone or computer somewhere in your house, and you’ll have your coach right there with you on the other end! We can use Zoom, Skype, or Facebook Messenger for these sessions. We will use whatever equipment you have at your house. Even if we only have your bodyweight, there is a LOT we can still do and we’ll coach you through everything just as if we were together in the gym. 


1 - 30min session: $33

6 - 30min sessions: $180

12 - 30min sessions: $324

1 - 60min session: $60​

6 - 60min sessions: $318

12 - 60min sessions: $600

Intense Training

In-Home Coaching

No need to venture out to the gym for your personal training, we’ll bring the gym to you! Your coach will wear a mask to train you, equipment is disinfected between uses, and we’ll keep a distance of 6 feet or more on all exercises possible. Between our equipment, and whatever you have, we'll be able to give you an awesome workout at your house around your schedule. We will train outdoors or in a place in your house with ample space. *Available in/around Frederick, MD. Subject to trainer availability. 

1 - 60min session: $77

6 - 60min sessions: $432

12 - 60min sessions: $816

Note: This service is also available at the Talley Rec Center in downtown Frederick. Purchase a package of 6 or more sessions and we'll pay for your first month's membership to the Rec Center!

Workout with Ropes

Buddy Sessions

Want to do your In-Home or In-Facility workout with a friend or family member? Below are the prices for 2 people in the same session:

In-Home Training (2 People)

1 - 60min session: $89

6 - 60min sessions: $504

12 - 60min sessions: $960

In-Facility Training (2 people)

1 - 60min session: $89

6 - 60min sessions: $504

12 - 60min sessions: $960

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