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Prioritize your Training to Work for YOU

Hello! Welcome back to another installment of the Straight Shot blog! I hope everyone is having a lovely fall and enjoying the changing of the seasons. As we roll into colder weather, you may be looking into a fresh start with your fitness, but are unsure of how to tailor it to your lifestyle. Life is busy, life is stressful, life is tough, and sometimes those things can get in the way of your training. Whether time, motivation, or finances prevent you from working out as often as you’d like, there are solutions to prioritize your fitness!

Due to work, school, or family commitments, you may be struggling with consistency in your training due to a crazy schedule and lack of time. It may feel tough to reach your goals when there are so many things getting in the way! If that is the case, prioritize exercises based on level of importance, and try incorporating things like supersets or circuits to get as much movement as possible in a short time frame. For example, if your main goal is to learn how to squat and build leg strength, prioritize a barbell or dumbbell squat over a shoulder press. Workouts do not have to be hours and hours long for you to get the results you desire!

For some, finding the motivation and drive to exercise can feel nearly impossible. If it was possible to lift and workout every second of every day I would do it, but I am fully aware that is not the norm and not everyone enjoys (or loves) physical activity to that degree. Guess what; that’s okay! If we all liked the same things we would live in a very boring world. The key here is to find a component of physical activity that YOU enjoy and to stick with it. You prefer free weights over machines? Awesome, prioritize lifting weights. You like how activities like yoga and stretching make you feel? Awesome, prioritize your mobility. While we still want all of our clients to be well rounded (which includes doing some things you may not enjoy), for the most part we want exercise to be something that you enjoy and makes you feel good! The key is to just move and stay moving.

Now more than ever, money and finances are tight. Between the pandemic, restrictions, and changes in the work industry, many people are struggling with financial stability right now. Prioritizing your fitness when money is tight can feel tricky, if not impossible. Fear not! There are ways to save money while still pursuing the healthiest, active version of yourself. First off, when it comes to equipment, less is often more (depending on your goals). If you cannot afford a gym membership, consider investing in a few sets of dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, or weight plates instead. Not only will that save you money, but you would be surprised how much you can do at home with just a few weights and your own body. That money you save on a membership to a super expensive gym can be used instead to pay for things like one on one training services, programming, or other components of an active lifestyle.

So, where do we as trainers come in? That’s the fun part. We work with you and your schedule. We work with you to find what you like and motivate you. We work with you, no matter how much or how little equipment you have access to. We give you accountability, and use our knowledge and background to devise a program tailored exactly to what you want and need. In the simplest way, we do the planning and work for you so all you have to do is put your absolute best effort into your workouts. If you do that, the results will show!

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