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What to expect during your free session:

You'll be with an awesome small group of 2-3 other people with your coach for the session in our fully outfitted private gym located at 8411 Broadband Drive Suite E, Frederick, MD. 

Each workout starts with a general warm-up to get your heart rate and body temperature up. 

Following the warm-up your coach will take the group through several stability and range of motion drills to make sure everyone is prepped for the strength movements that day.

The workout continues with several lifts using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight movements with a focus on technique and using weights that are challenging for you at your fitness level.

We'll finish the workout with either core work or a short conditioning circuit. 

After your workout, your coach will show you the app that the group was using to log their workouts the entire time and give you some advice on best recovery practices. They can also answer any questions you have about scheduling and pricing following your workout. 

See why people are training with Straight Shot!

Deb says:

"The BEST personal training gym in FREDERICK. Wonderful atmosphere, so light and airy, filled with new modern equipment. Trainers are all highly qualified and strive to keep you fit and healthy NOW and for future while making it fun to workout. Best part of my week!"

Greg says:

Claudette says:

"If I could give this place more than five stars I would. The experience has been nothing short of an exceptional workout. The trainers all are very knowledgeable and are personable with their clients. What I enjoy most is seeing the workouts beforehand on an app that also has capability of tracking your progress. Not to mention tutorials attached to see the workout. What really gives me that “wow experience” is the communication. Johnny always follows up with me if I have questions and gives me helpful tips on my strength training journey."

Sam says:

Pat says:

"Great place to work out! I haven't been motivated to work out in years and now I haven't missed a single session. Delaney is a fantastic trainer. Ask for one of her classes if you are looking to get a good challenge with a ton of positive energy.
Great location. Enough equipment for everyone in the class.
Perfect fit for first timers and people that want to get back into shape!

Cinnamon says:

"Jonny Slick has kept me safe and strong for three years. When I turned 50, I started to struggle keeping up with the kids. I connected with Jonny, and now I can keep up with most except the high school athletes. I'm not a gym guy, and have never enjoyed working out. Jonny keeps me motivated and coming back twice a week with a program of strength, flexibility, and balance. My active physical life is far better for the time and money I spend with Straight Shot Training."

Working out with Straight Shot is the best part of my week. I know that every workout it’s going to maximize my strengths and help develop my areas for improvement. I can track my strength improvements over time; data over perception helps boost my body image.
Physical well being at every size, age, and ability is a huge focus. Every workout and movement meets you WHERE YOU ARE, and pushes you when you are ready. A focus on form over rep weight has kept my injury free. The good workout soundtracks are helpful too

"Straight Shot Training focuses on functional fitness and they really have a solid understanding on how to improve the way you move. I started their program in my mid-thirties when I had chronic back pain that comes from the lack of movement working in an office for decades. I'm now in my forties and I have no pain at all thanks to their program. Their approach to fitness is methodical, efficient and flexible with any condition you may have."


*By trying a free session you agree to fill out our health waiver prior to your session, completing it with full honesty and will be added to our email club (we never share your email address with anyone and we don't spam you!). You also agree to all of the terms laid out in our health release and privacy policy located HERE