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Black and White Chai Protein Shake

Milkshakes are awesome but typically SUPER high calorie. Protein shakes can be healthy, but usually taste like chalk mixed with water.

If you're in the mood for something sweet post workout, this is the perfect shake to help you get the protein and carbs your body craves after a tough training session. I've included two versions, one that's higher in calories if you're trying to put on muscle, and one that's just a tasty but lower in calories by swapping out a couple of ingredients.

Ingredients: • 3/4 cup whole milk • 1 bottle (15 oz) Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Soy Protein Drink • 1 scoop of any chocolate flavored protein powder (I used Earth Fed Muscle’s chocolate peanut butter whey here) • Hershey’s special dark chocolate syrup (optional) Directions: Mix milk, vanilla chai, and protein powder together in blender bottle until smooth. For fancy mode, pour into a glass lined with the chocolate syrup. For a normal shake, add chocolate syrup to the blender bottle at the end and mix to your desired blend. *Low Cal/Dairy Free Version!*

For those that want to lower the calories and/or make a dairy alternative version to fit their goals, sub unsweetened almond milk for whole milk, chocolate plant based protein for whey, and nix the chocolate syrup!

Calories: 635cal (425cal for low cal version) Protein: 47g (30g for low cal version)

Hope you enjoy this post workout shake as much as I do!

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