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There is No Better Time to Take Charge of Your Health

Hello, and welcome to my first contribution to the Straight Shot Training blog! If you are here and have read past the title and first sentence, chances are you have at least a mild interest in fitness and exercise and want to see what we are all about (or you just really like reading blogs, everybody’s got to have a hobby). Before I dive in the topic of our first post, I wanted to give you all a brief introduction of myself so I don’t seem like a total stranger. My name is Delaney, I was born and raised in the local Frederick, Maryland area and have been a personal trainer for three and a half years. Along with my CPT certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I have specialty certifications in corrective exercise and am a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach. In addition to personal training, my other passions include competing in Olympic-style Weightlifting, making multiple trips to Dunkin Donuts in a span of a few hours, and listening to music (if anyone reading this has heard of Glass Animals, congratulations! We just became best friends). Now let's get into the reason we’re all here:


Particularly, Fitness and health in the complicated and tumultuous year that is 2020. While this year has most likely been one of the toughest for many of us here, it has given us opportunities to reflect on what truly matters and create self growth. With all the uncertainty that is plaguing our lives right now, you might be thinking that now is the wrong time to be making big commitments to yourself. That could not be further from the truth. In the midst of chaos and unpredictability, taking control of your health and fitness gives you that ability to take charge of your lifestyle. It can be as simple as learning how to do an exercise for the first time, or completely revamping a healthy relationship with diet and exercise. Either way, that little aspect of self control creates a valuable form of self improvement that carries over into all aspects of life.

The COVID pandemic is not something many of us saw coming. Amidst all the hardships and sadness, one of the bright spots it has created is a new found interest in wellness among many individuals. I swear, never in my life have I ever seen more people walking, running, riding bikes, and exercising outside around Frederick. While some of this may be due to boredom, a large reason is because people have seen how devastating the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle can be on your immune system’s susceptibility. Heavy smoking, hypertension, and diabetes, for example, are risk factors associated with the severity of the virus in the individual ( This is in no way intended to place blame on those with diseases (especially since they can result from aspects outside of one's control), but eating well and exercising has been proven to help manage some of the risk factors associated with illness susceptibility. At the very least, it certainly can’t hurt!

For me, lifting is a passion and a mental game changer. There is nothing quite like tuning out the world, having some time dedicated all to yourself, and putting a heavy bar overhead. I could literally talk all day about the ins and outs of why I love the sport and my teammates so much, but this isn’t about me. It’s about you! Now more than ever, people from all walks of life are struggling, and it has taken a toll on the mental health of society. Exercise, in whichever form you prefer, can be a huge escape from the stress of everyday life. It doesn’t need to be fancy or take up hours of your day. If you can give yourself even a half hour a few days a week to disconnect, move around, and clear your mind, why wouldn’t you? Investing in fitness is also investing in your self-confidence, mental clarity, and mindset. I can’t even count the number of clients that have told me how much better they feel at work and in their personal lives simply from working out a few times a week. Taking that leap of faith will not only improve the way you move, but also the way you approach life!

If you are ready to take charge and start making the necessary changes to your life to improve not only your physical health, but your mental health, we’re ready to help! Whether it’s training with us, or simply connecting with us on social media so we can cheer you on, please reach out! I am here to support you in your quest to achieve the best version of yourself!

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