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Valentine's Day Partner Workout!

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day! In honor of a holiday all about love for yourself, your partner, and one another, I have created a partner workout for you all! This can be completed with your spouse, partner, family member, or awesome friend. When you workout with another person, it can be easier to stay motivated and can make exercising more fun and engaging.

Without sounding like too much of a relationship guru, pursuing healthy habits with a romantic, familial, or plutonic partner can be a fantastic way to bond. As an added bonus, you are more likely to stay motivated and accountable when a close companion shares the same goals as you! I tried to make this program something that is enjoyable, fun, and will allow you to feed off of each other to complete it. It’s all bodyweight movements, so it's easy to complete no matter where you are. Try it out and let me know what you and your workout buddy think!



Try this Full Body Dynamic Warm-Up to get your heart rate up and your joints moving throughout a full range of motion!

4 Round Partner Superset

Partner A: Bodyweight Squat x 15

Partner B: Perform Plank Knee to Elbows for as long as it takes the other person to complete their squats.

Go back and forth until each person has completed each exercise 4 times.

Here are your demo videos (Keep scrolling for the rest of the workout!):

4 Round Timed-Station Circuit

Station #1 - Up Downs x 30 seconds

Station #2 - Alternating Jump Lunges x 30 sec.

Station #3 - T Pushups x 30 sec.

Station #4 - Tuck Ups x 30 sec.

At each station, perform as many reps as you can for the 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds between stations, and complete 4 rounds through the 4 stations. At each station make sure you’re cheering your partner on while pushing for more reps yourself!

Here are the demo videos for this section (scroll for the finish!)

Cool Down:

Go for a walk together (the cool air will probably feel good after that circuit!) for 10-15min.

This workout is built to be done in an hour or less and gives you and your workout partner a chance to bond over an activity that is healthy, promotes well-being, and keeps you moving! Workouts like this Valentine’s Day one are just a taste of the type of programming we offer at Straight Shot. If you need a detailed, custom plan, reach out to us and ask how we can help you and your significant other!

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